Books, real life, beauty, fashion, cooking, frugality, writing, music, dance, yoga, the Lord … ahhh, the things I love! I have a left and right brain problem. I pretty much like too many things. I’m very girly, yet kind of boyish. Complex would be an understatement. Blogging is something I’ve always wanted to do, but I thought I would have to “choose”. In other words, choose what I wanted to write about — and as one can see there are TOO MANY things I would want to share and explore. The most simplistic answer slapped me in the face today — DON’T CHOOSE, just write about all of it. I will try to blog as much as possible, but bear with me if I go M.I.A. for a few days.

I’m from a tiny Cajun town in South Louisiana. I am a first class nerd too. I am an eternal student. I’ve worked as a journalist, producer, makeup artist, teacher, yoga teacher, dance teacher, and currently I’m working on an M.A. in English. (Now, I’m not perfect, so don’t snub the grammar.) I love my family more than words can communicate. Troy is my 12-year-old border collie, who is perfect, and I’ve had him since he was 12 weeks old. Moosie is the rescued Chiweenie, who is a beautiful disaster, and I think he’s about 8 years old. These guys are named after Cowboys players because my husband, Eric, of 12 years is an avid fan, and so am I. (The team is a huge reason we moved to north Texas back in 2000. Loooooong story, but it may make for a good post.) We are hopelessly in love and are just enjoying life. Our simple, happy life.

I decided to title my little blog “mignon panache”. Since I’m Cajun, the French language is dear to me, and mignon means “dainty” … plus, it’s just a fun word. Panache literally translates to “plume”, but the connotation is sort of a sassy, possibly reckless courage. I thought it was a nice little paradoxical mix.

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