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Moosie relaxing on the deck.

Moosie relaxing on the deck.

Troy's lovely smile.

Troy’s lovely smile.

Animals get to me. I don’t know what it is about them, but I have such a soft spot when it comes to these creatures. Dogs are pretty much number one on that list. As I’ve stated in the “About” section, I have two of them. Troy and Moosie bring such joy to my life and my world. Troy has been my baby since he was 12 weeks old, and now he is 12 years old. Eric and I have had him since our fourth month of marriage, so Troy’s been with us pretty much from our own start. Lately I’ve been grappling with the fact of how old Troy truly is. And as most of us know, these furry gifts cannot stay with us forever. I can’t help but believe that God puts them into our lives for a specific purpose and reason, and I also believe He brings them to heaven when their job is done. This whole thought reminded me of something I heard one day that was pretty profound …

When I used to work at the illustrious Neiman Marcus Northpark (before the remodel), I used to frequent the lovely Estee Lauder salon downstairs. NM loooooves its employees, and we would receive a generous discount. Anyway, I had just moved to north Texas and had just gotten Troy. My manicurist was making small talk with me while she scrubbed my feet. Her accent was thick (not that I had room to talk with my ever-so-flat-Cajun-self) and sounded like it was from Russia or somewhere in that neighborhood. It was the typical chit-chat: Where are you from? Do you have kids? Are you married? Blah, blah. Well, yes, I have a kid — a furry one. Her face immediately lit up. She pretty much related that she felt the very same about her dogs. Then she proceeded to say something along these lines, “I cannot help but think that God sent us dogs to remind us of his unconditional love. In fact, I do not think it’s an accident that dog spelled backwards is God.”

I was moved. She was right. I knew it in my heart. God did send us dogs to give us a little inkling of a reminder of His unconditional love. It’s comforting to know there are furry guardian angels here on Earth.


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