Hot Yoga, Arm Pits, & Methane

Heat — ugh!! It can be 30 degrees outside, and my armpits will find a way to perspire. And when I sweat, I feel like a football player. My face sweats the most, and that’s just strange. Oh, excuse me, my face glistens. ( I almost forgot my Southern roots.)

I hate heat.

I love that fountain in downtown McKinney!

I love that fountain in downtown McKinney!

I love yoga.

So I thought it would be a great idea to try hot yoga?! Yep, I did this around Christmas time. Now, being from the swamps, I already “knew” what hot yoga would feel like, and I “knew” I would probably not care for it. I had several flashbacks of standing outside in LA just feeling myself melting, wondering why I even applied makeup, regretting fixing my hair. I envisioned this, but added the images of yoga. The thought of yoga was the only thing luring me into the studio.

Now I know why gurus advise against expectations … because these are usually WRONG. The heat was surprisingly pleasant. (I can’t believe I just wrote “heat” and “pleasant” in the same sentence and smiled while writing it!) I didn’t even notice my perspiration, except when large drops would land in my eyes or my mouth! This was the cleanest sweat I had ever experienced. Yes, clean sweat! No one smelled like rotten pits either. It was the strangest experience. I envisioned being locked in a room wreaking of swamp butt. If you’ve ever been in a swamp, you know the smell. Was there gas? Yes! Yoga has poses for the sheer purpose of “relieving wind”. Farting. EVERYONE farts in yoga. But no one stunk! The whole experience was, however, clean, serene, and nice.

I’ve been to about 15 classes so far, and I already feel wonderful. I know I’ll never be skinny, and that’s ok. But as long as I feel comfortable, I’m pleased. The heat has added an umph to my practice. I feel strong, light, and happy. The studio is Sunstone Yoga (McKinney, TX), and this little, almost hidden jewel has added so much richness in such a short amount of time. Warning: if you start hot yoga, you will crave it! I told my hubby that, and he acted as though he understood; he didn’t. But, about a week after he started, he understood.

P.S. Love to Sunstone Yoga!

P.P.S. If you would like to deepen your practice and/or become a teacher Purple Lotus is where its at!

5 thoughts on “Hot Yoga, Arm Pits, & Methane

  1. I also follow purple lotus yoga – great blog! I love yoga but not too into hot yoga, but also the yoga studio in the fairview villages is amazing if you’re ever up for trying a new studio (: I’ve heard always great things about sunstone, too!

  2. Ahhhhh…..{sniff, sniff}…thank you beautiful ladies!!! You know you right this stuff and you wonder if anybody actually reads it or even cares…so again thank you for the small happy dance you gave me tonight.

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