Building an Outfit #1– Jewelry as Inspiration

I love jewelry, or bijoux (as the French would say). I love clothes. I love shoes. I love putting together outfits! My dilemma — where to start? Do I start building from a shirt, pants, shoes, jewelry? I can start with anything! And so can you! Now, if you have a patient husband like I do, you can just ask him to pick a color (because I can’t ever decide what colors to wear because I like them all), and he can sigh and say, “blue” almost every time! LOL! If I’m lucky he does mix it up. If not, then I pick one item in my closet and go from there. (Though it usually comes from his color suggestion. I know it’s silly, but when you can’t decide, you can’t decide!) I am very grateful that I have a closet full of clothes (shout out to God).

Recently, I put together a phenom concoction with the statement necklace shown below. My picture makes the dark stones look black, but these are actually a bold navy blue. I adored the color combination and went from there!

Statement Necklace

Statement Necklace

The ensemble consisted of the following:

  • Navy bootleg dress pants with very thin cream pinstripes (Gap outlet, a while back, in Allen, TX)
  • Navy Nine West pumps w/low heel from DSW Shoe Warehouse (a while back, I think it was the Dallas one off of Westchester Dr.)
  • Yellow plain top (Banana Republic outlet, a while back, Allen, TX)
  • Sea Green cardigan (Gap outlet, a while ago, Allen, TX)
  • The necklace in the picture, with green earrings exactly like the stone in the necklace (recent purchase Sam Moon, Frisco, TX)
  • Sea Green and gold bangle bracelets

Makeup was kept simple because of the bold and multi-color combination:

  • Black eye liner lined upper and lower rim of the eye (Covergirl–perfect blend Basic Black)
  • Black shadow at the base of the lid near the lash line, with a neutral skin tone shadow on the brow bone (both from NYX Runway Palette)
  • Press Glittery Navy shadow over eyeliner to set it and smoke it up (Nars–Night Flight)
  • Cream peachy blush (NYX Rose Petal)
  • My everyday Nude lipstick (MAC Blankety) with a little bit of a plum nude mixed in (NYX-Thalia)
  • Crap load of black non-waterproof mascara (NYX Le Frou or Covergirl Lash Exact)

It was a hit!

P.S. I will be posting about my favorite places to shop around North Texas. Be on the lookout!

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