Lip Gloss, Kind Of

I was introduced to white lip gloss when I was working as a makeup artist … white gloss?! Yes. White gloss. It is wonderful. White makes the lips appear larger because of the light color and it naturally attracts light which means your pout shines! I was wearing it ALL THE TIME; thus, my lips were shining while my pocket book was crying. I had to come up with a cheap version because I was going through this stuff like nobody’s business.

My solution and why I love it:

Well, white tones down any color you put on your lips, so you can create a ridiculous amount of colors just by applying white gloss. OR, you can simply wear it alone for a lovely natural look.

I have tons of color already in my lips — my smackers are quite pink. I have dry skin, and I am psychotic about keeping my lips and face moisturized sooo …

I decided that good ‘ole Blistex would be my go-to gloss — it is white after all! And guess what?! I got the same effect!! It’s wonderfully moisturizing; plus, you can wear it alone for a sassy pout, or you can put it on top of any lip color. I remember reading  a loooooong time ago that Angelina Jolie wears this; she also has tons of natural color to her lips.

Here’s one of my go-to concoctions:





Softlips Pearl




Blistex & Softlips

Blistex & Softlips

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