Building an Outfit #2 –Plaid Pants as Inspiration

I made sure to snap pics this time! These aren’t epic, so don’t judge! ❤ My goal is to become more of a morning person so I have time to have the hubby take a pic with me in the dang outfit. (Please don’t hold your breath because this has been my pretend goal for quite a while.)

Anywho, I’m not a huge fan of me in pink, but there’s something pretty about it. I have very fair skin that has some redness at times, so I have to keep the makeup simple when I wear lots of pink near my face or else I look like a poster child for rose vomit.

I decided to build an outfit based on some pretty cool boot cut plaid dress pants, and you can see the teeny tiny sliver of a cool toned pink stripe … this is where I started to build. I wanted to highlight the pink, so I wore a shirt in the same tone as the pink stripe. The outfit was girly, so to give it a bit of an edge. I paired it with a bomber-type of brown jacket. Next, I added tons of pearls — white and pink, and voila!

The makeup was kept to neutral browns on the eyes; the same browns as the jacket. Bronzer as blush because of my rosy cheeks it helps to cancel out excess redness because of the neutral tone, so I end up looking the perfect amount of rosy! I did the lipstick concoction shown in my previous blog titled Lip Gloss, Kind Of The End!

Pants--Gap outlet, not recent

Pants–Gap outlet, not recent

Shirt--Banana outlet, not recent Jacket--Old Navy, not recent
Shirt–Banana outlet, not recent
Jacket–Old Navy, not recent

Shoes--DSW, not recent
Shoes–DSW, not recent

Mixture of white and pink and brown pearls! Bracelets, necklaces and simple earrings

Mixture of white and pink and brown pearls! Bracelets, necklaces and simple earrings.

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