Building an Outfit #3–Earrings as Inspiration

He said something different!! It wasn’t blue!!!!

For those of you who are reading this post without having read some in the past, the prior sentences will not make much sense. I will quickly fill you in! Basically, I can’t ever decide what to wear, so I ask my husband to pick a color, then I go from there. The problem? He always says, “blue”.

Ok, now that you’re caught up, he said, “purple”. I was pretty pumped for two reasons: 1. purple is probably my second favorite color and 2. I bought some swanky new earrings that will be purplelicious!

The outfit:

I went with a really plain wardrobe and added the spark with my jewelry. I scored some seriously cute plum flats by BCBG from DSW in Dallas. These puppies were regularly priced at $110.00, and I got them for around $30. I chose straight leg black dress pants from Gap outlet. My undershirt was a lacy black tank from Banana outlet and a faux-wrap plum shirt from Banana outlet as well. The earrings are chandelier style from Sam Moon ( in Frisco and were purchased around the holidays. The necklace is from Forever 21 ( purchased during the summer. The gold accents lent themselves for layering gold bangle bracelets. I threw in a gold and purple flower ring…I can’t even remember where I got this because it’s been in my repertoire for a while.

The makeup:

Eyes were kept simple with black eyeliner and black shadow to set. Then I layered a dark purple a little above that on the lid. I stay away from just purple eyeliner because it tends to make me look tired, so combining it with black makes it more sophisticated. To make my eyes a bit smokey, I used the black and purple shadows to line the bottom of my eye. The black liner is Cover Girl Black kohl ( with the sponge on one end. The black shadow is NYX ( from the Runway Palette, and the purple is Nars single in Lulu. I brightened my face with Nars Orgasm blush ( And for lips, I mixed NYX Thalia (nude-plum) with MAC blankety (beige nude) ( Voila!! I will try to get some pics of the makeup for future posts…

Shirt, Tank, PantsPurple and Black

Shirt, Tank, Pants
Purple and Black


Purple & Black Flats

Purple & Black Flats

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