Vegetable Soup

One of my favorite recipes from my dad is his vegetable soup!! I used to cook it all the time slaving by the stove for HOURS, but one day, I decided to try it in the slow cooker — and it was AMAZING!! I will put the meat version and the meatless version. The directions will be for the stovetop, but if you are making it in the slow cooker: use half a head of cabbage, put all ingredients together, and turn it on. In the slow cooker cook between 4-6 hours. Picture next time I make it.

photo-21 copy 3

Rudy’s Vegetable Soup


1 TB oil

1 bag sliced carrots

3-4# roast, cut into cubes (vegan option– 1 1/2 cartons of vegetable stock)

1 cn. stewed or whole tomatoes

1 bag frozen mixed vegetables

1 potato cubed

6 corn on the cob

1 c pasta (optional)

1 head cabbage (crock pot use only 1/2)

1 zucchini sliced

1 yellow squash sliced


Crockpot: I have not tried creating the beef stock in the crock pot, so I used the vegan recipe. Literally put everything in the crock pot and turn in on low for 4-6 hours. Add water to fill close to the top of the crockpot. **Update–I actually turned it on high the last two hours this time**


In a big soup pot, pour oil and smother onions on low until clear and soft. Next, add meat till brown and stock forms (at this point when I make it vegan, I pour the vegetable stock instead). Now, add cabbage and smother until wilted and soft. Next, add all contents of the canned tomatoes and smother again. Add water to desired consistency (for vegan option, wait to add water until the end and add as much as you like for consistency). Add carrots, and wait 5 minutes before adding potato. Once the potato gets soft, turn the fire on med-high. Add corn on the cob, veggies, and pasta. Cook until all veggies are soft and pasta is cooked. I also add pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, and Tony Chachere’s seasoning. Once it’s done, you may need to salt for taste. I don’t like to add salt, but I will usually add more black pepper!

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