Building an Outfit #4 — Shirt as Inspiration

I actually didn’t have to ask my husband to pick a color for me … why?? Because all of a sudden, the weather has decided to warm up a bit. In the spirit of the “spring” this winter, I decided to wear a new, bright shirt that I scored from Gap Outlet. The rest is outfit history!

The shirt’s bright fuchsia tinges inspired me to wear the same color on my lips in addition to the gold earrings shown with the shirt. These are gold and have fuchsia string wrapped around the top. The necklace consists of half white and half gold chains. I can’t remember where the earrings came from, and I believe the necklace was from forever 21 … again, bought a while ago.

photo-18 copy 2

I was going to wear white pants, but I had to remind myself that is still winter! So I went with a neutral light gray boot cut pant from Gap Outlet. I wore gray Nine West pumps on my paws.

photo-19 copy

The make up was focused on the cheeks and lips. Fuchsia Spellbound Lipstick from Maybelline. I don’t wear “crazy” colors often, so I go with more frugal options in those cases.

photo-20 copy 3photo-20 copy 4photo-20 copy 5

The cheek color looks frightening, but it’s actually gorgeous and should be applied with a light hand to the apples. It’s Exhibit A from Nars. The shadows were faint and were from Nars also — the duo is called New Delight.

photo-20 copyphoto-20 copy 2

The eyeliner was black and thin, and the mascara was in abundance. I was able to snatch a pic of part of my face while waiting at a looooooong red light. The lips weren’t reapplied prior to the pic, but you get the hint. Oh, I almost forgot … I also use a tiny bit of bronzer everyday. I use MAC Refined Golden. Another great bronzer is Nars Laguna.

photo-20photo-18 copy 4

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