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Mardi Gras & Sacrifice

Today is Mardi Gras!! Most people think Mardi Gras is all about the 3 B’s — boobs, booze, and beads.

Uh, no.

Unfortunately, that’s what it has become, but I have fond memories of parades in front of my great-grandmother’s house, visiting with all of my distant and close cousins, lush costumes with sparkles, music, dancing, masquerades, and a whole 3 days off of school!

In the religious sense, Mardi Gras, or Fat Tuesday, is to signify the time to reflect on overindulgences of every day living because Ash Wednesday starts the lenten season. I always feel great about giving up something in an attempt to mirror the sacrifices He has made for us. I have been ruminating about what I should give up this year …

Coffee? No. I did that when I was a producer because my coffee intake was out of control, but now it wouldn’t be a sacrifice because I have that perk (pun intended) on lock.

Fast Food? No. I feel as though I have that under control.

Sweets? Nah, I only get spurts of craving these here and there such as the red velvet cake I had for my birthday this past Monday. ❤

Soft Drinks? I’ve already eliminated these.

Hmmmmmm. I know!!! Chicken and Turkey!

I already don’t eat red meat, but I still do eat chicken and turkey.

It’s decided. I was partially inspired by one of my dear friends. She has been an avid blogger about her Covenant Diet. Inspiring? Yes. I even did a Daniel fast for three weeks because of her journey and the closeness she was feeling to God. I remember how great I felt and how mentally strong and sound I was too — and, yes, closer to God. (That’s me and my lovely friend below!)


My friend and I !!

Was it difficult? Sure. But having support through Him and my friend’s words truly helped. I thought about this today and felt as though the “no meat” option will be a good sacrifice on many levels.

By putting this out publicly, I will only have more will power to stick to it! Here’s to the next forty days! And who knows? Maybe it will become second nature … we’ll see.

What will you do for lent?

2 thoughts on “Mardi Gras & Sacrifice

  1. I love how you put “mirror the sacrifices”. What an interesting way to think about it- my actions are to be a mirror of Him. A bit convicting, actually. There are several areas in my life where my “mirror” is foggy, blurred, and broken. I’m certainly going to be mulling that over for the next few days.

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