A Hot 25 Yesterday, a Cold Gain Today, and a Side of Perspective

Around Christmas time I decided to try hot yoga, and you can read more about the “hot” experience here. I needed about 12 additional hours to finish my 200 hour certification, and Sunstone Yoga was running a special $10 for 10 days…PERFECT! Well, I got hooked and have been going ever since.

Sunstone rewards its students with cute wristbands for class milestones. My first one was for the first 10 classes as a “welcome”. At my 10th class I began to feel empowered and strong. By the 15th class I really began to see changes in my body.

Shrinking, more specifically. Yesssss!!!

By my 25th class, which was yesterday, I have seen changes (for the better) in my practice and even more in my body, mind, and heart. I was rewarded with my 1st chakra 25 class reward band. It’s salmon pink and sweet. It’s the “foundation” band.

photo-21 copy

I love Sunstone. The instructors and students are all just so friendly. It’s a little micro-community. I was on a yoga high yesterday and even today.

Then …. (dun, dun, dun)

I went to my ear, nose, and throat doctor for my yearly checkup. The nurse asked the illustrious question, “How much do you weigh?”

I said, “I don’t know. I have banned myself from weighing, but my clothes feel amazing and I look much smaller.” I never replaced the battery in my scale because of this blog post from my friend.

“Ok, I agree, but let’s go ahead and update your weight.”

(Me–should I? Yes. No. Yes. No. Yes. No.) Too late.

That thing showed the biggest number I’ve ever had in my life!!!

I was floor and defeated. If one more person claims “muscle gain” I’m going to do the Harlem Shake with my fist to their face. Not really, but those videos are hilarious!

Luckily, I reached out to a few friends who I can vent to, and I recovered from the shock quicker than I thought.

Lesson: Scales are EVIL. Stop doing this to yourself. Measure by your clothes and pictures. Yoga helps you to know your body, and I know I’m better off today than I was prior to my hot yoga journey.

Just like my 25 class band … return to your foundation, return to what’s really real, and that’s not the quantitative read out or balance of a scale or machine.

As I type the above statement, I know it’s easier said than done, but this HAS to be the way! By sharing this, we all win. I sure do feel better.

4 thoughts on “A Hot 25 Yesterday, a Cold Gain Today, and a Side of Perspective

  1. Whew! I’m SO glad to see this! My phone is on the fritz and so I could SEE your text but I couldn’t REPLY to it!?!?! (I’m currently restoring the dadgum thing so hopefully I’ll be able to use it again)

    Anyway… this post is also a good reminder to me, girl, cause I have been really tempted lately to jump back on the scale and see where I stand. But you are right… it’s evil. Thank you for reminding me of that… you could have possibly helped me spiral down into a pit of depression that is IN.EV.IT.ABLE. whenever I weigh.

    And your experience was also good for me because my clothes are not fitting as well as they were four or five months ago, and it has made me really sit back and think “What am I eating? Am I making the BEST choices? The choices that would HONOR God?” And even though I’m eating WAY better than I was pre-covenant, I’m still not acting towards food the way I want to act as my honor-gift to God. So I’m doing some major soul-searching right now… and doing some major praying to Baby Jesus 😉 to figure out just what He wants me to do, to change, to fix, to modify.

    AND, I’m insanely curious about your yoga place… do you ever get to take a guest?

    Okay… sorry for the novel. Oh, and I love ya!

  2. And again, I just have to say thank you… I was totally gonna just sneak on here to see your post and then I was going to eat some stuff even though I’m not hungry at all, but seeing your perspective just really reminded me of the power that we have been given, and the gift we have been given of freedom, and it was like a little pep rally for my soul. I stood up and I was like, “Why would I eat something right now? I’ll have a glass of water.” So, thank you for the gift of refocus, my sister.

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