Comic Sans Sad Face


I don’t know how this began.

I don’t know why this haunts me.


I HATE COMIC SANS FONT! Apparently, I’m not alone because there are sites dedicated to the banning of this font.

It may not even be the font that bothers me, but the fact that people don’t truly understand that fonts communicate things. It’s the PR in me I guess.

Comic Sans communicates (in my mind) the following:

  • Creepy Clown Handwriting
  • Kindergarten Teacher
  • Silly
  • Stalker but Sweet but Stalker
  • Unprofessional
  • Please don’t take me seriously — no really, don’t
  • Strange animal shapes made of balloons

It gives me the heeby-geebies. I see it, and I want to barf. This category will be dedicated for me to purge my frustrations about this font. If I see it where it doesn’t belong, I will tell you allllllll about it.

Most people I’m close to know how much I hate it, and it’s funny for them to play little Comic Sans jokes on me.

HOWEVER, when people seriously use it and think it’s “cute” or “fitting”, I want to stab my eyes out!

Here’s to you creepy clown stalker handwriting font –I’m watching you and exposing your wily ways.


4 thoughts on “I HATE COMIC SANS

  1. I think about you every time I see this font!!! 🙂 I, too, now have a personal despised font… it’s a new thing for me, but for the same reasons as “used incorrectly”… but, courier or courier new. They slay me. It’s like, there is a good time to use it in my mind! Haha! Anyway, love you and your font aversion!

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