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Beauty through Butterflies

Last summer I decided to grow some flowers, or should I say I hoped they would grow. I wish I had a green thumb! Anywho, I had some that actually did take! I think they are zinnias, but I could be wrong. I thought that would be the icing on the cake, but no!

The butterflies appeared.

photo-21 copy

I went out one day, and the same butterfly (at least I think it was) appeared for two days straight. On the second day, it brought a friend.

photo-21 copy 2

There was something absolutely magical about them. I immediately gave thanks to God for creating such lovely creatures for us to admire. There’s so much beauty around us, and I fear that we don’t take note of these “little” things enough. Myself included. I try, though!

I’m hoping they reappear this summer because they were so lovely. Enjoy!

photo-21 copy 3

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