Brow Shadow — My Favorite!

I’m a natural blonde (dirty blonde to be specific), but I began dying my hair darker and currently have ombre highlights. So I guess my hair is bronde?! Anywho, when I first began working in makeup, I realized that a little shadow for the eye brows can go a long way in polishing off a look. After I became a brunette, it was a bit more imperative too. Plus, these are not only for the brows because these also make delicious neutral shades for the eyes.

I don’t use brow shadow everyday, but when I do here are my two favorites:

1. The Frugal Option — NYX matte shadow in Tryst (NYX is cruelty free too!)


2. The Pricey Option — Nars Blondie

(Blondie wasn’t available for her photo, but it’s the same color as Tryst!)

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