Building an Outfit #7 — Accidental Inspiration

This outfit wasn’t inspired by anything in particular as my previous ones have been. It was pretty much accidental. I grabbed my emerald green cardigan and floated it in front of my shirts. The golden one caught my eye!!

This color combo is nostalgic for me because it was the colors of my elementary school back home! I thought, “What the heck?!” So I put those two together, and the rest is seen below!

photo-22 copy

The shirt is from Banana Republic Outlet, and the cardigan is from Gap Outlet. I attempted to find my skinny blue jeans, but they were hiding from me … so I chose a not-too-long boot cut because I wanted to wear these leopard printed flats that I scored from DSW. The jewelry is all gold! The bangles are from various places, the necklace from Sam Moon, and the earrings from one of my dear friends last birthday, I believe.

photo-22 copy 2photo-22

The makeup was pretty neutral. My usual MAC bronzer, MAC Blankety lipstick, and the golden color from my NYX palette (far upper left) all over my lid and brow bone. I lined with black Covergirl liner, then set it with Nars Night Porter which is a black with emerald sparkles.

photo-21 copy

Caviar and Bubbles

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