Glamglow–Review 1st Use

I’ve been hearing of all the hype about Glamglow — it’s magic mud, it’s epic, etc., etc.  My skin has been a temperamental little hussy lately, so I thought I would give it a go … aaaaaand, there was a free gift from Neiman’s involved!

Usually with muds, I feel sensitivity around my nose area, and I mean sensitivity as in uncomfortable burn-type sensation. A.k.a. — not pleasant. This is where my skin is most moody and also where my pores are more visible.

On the Glamglow box it states that it is a tingling mud, so I was a bit leery and expecting the pain for beauty …

As I applied a bit to my chin and nose area, the sensation was more of a cooling, and a nice one at that! It dried quickly too! After clearing it off of my face, I was IM-PRESSED!

This is the smallest I’ve ever seen the pores in my nose area! My broken capillaries around my nose haven’t faded, but hey, it’s my first use. The tone of my skin was very even and the texture was supple. Most mud masks suck the moisture out of my skin’s life, but this one kept my face’s natural moisture in tact. I will continue to update with each use, but after the first application tonight, I’m understanding the excitement.

Hey Glamglow, working on a moisturizer by any chance??

P.S. I promise to include gross photos of my pores as they are purging. ❤



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