Hair Dresser and Trim Magic

Oh, how I love my hair dresser! I’ve been going to Tammy for yeeeeeeeaaaarrrs, eight or so to give you a number. I used to trim and dye my own hair because I didn’t trust anyone to do it — that is, until I met my girl. Oddly enough, I began going to her because my husband, who now shaves his head (don’t get me started on this), used to go to her.

One day, I decided, “What the hell?! A trim can’t hurt!” It was love at first trim. I didn’t realize the depth of our love until I decided to dye my hair black and then wanted ash blonde highlights. This was her test. And she passed, with flying colors (ha, punny), and gorgeous, non-brassy lovely lights in the sea of dark hair. The best part? She doesn’t charge the price of a new convertible either!

Ok, now you have “our story” … on to the point …

Most of you can probably related to the close relationship people can have with their hair. I know when “the beast” (nickname for my hair) needs some lovin’: when my natural waves are no longer cooperating, when my ends look like a sad child, when my hair just seems not herself and flat.

If you ever want a pick-me-up without a huge change, TRIM. YOUR. HAIR. Well, don’t trim it yourself, but get a pro to do it! Trims are magical without major change. My layers with their ombre highlights felt lifted, and the beast was alive and well again! All is now right in the universe. Oh, and the white (my genetic version of gray) hairs at my roots were covered with love. Here’s some snaps below. (Horrible lighting, so you can’t see the ombre.)

There’s just something about a great head of hair that makes me feel so new! I know it’s silly, but it’s better than some other people’s vices.

Oh, and besides being an amazing tress tamer, Tammy also got the whole update on Troy, and we cried together. I mean who does that?! It was so kind. We ended with my hair today just as we began such a long time ago — with a trim. In McKinney, Texas, look for Hair by Tammy (or leave me a comment, and I can get you the hookup).

Happy with Hair!

Happy with Hair!

Silly, blurry pic because everybody needs one!

Silly, blurry pic because everybody needs one!

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