Building an Outfit #9 — Peacock Blue as Inspiration

I’m a sucker for blue! I also loooooove peacocks, and I liked ’em before they were “trendy”! This peacock color inspired the making of this outfit.

Shirt with sheer sleeves is such a cute accent to a “plain” shirt! Banana Outlet! Pants are light heather gray from Gap Outlet.


I wore two necklaces with baubles hanging from them — the lengthier one is from Sam Moon and the shorter one from Avon. The gold bangles are from various places, and I kept the earrings to simple blue spheres.

photo-27 copyphoto-27 copy 2

Apparently the shirt decided to get darker on its own — lol!!

Then the shoes. Oh, yes, these are peacock color flats from DSW!!

photo-27 copy 3It’s a nice little monochromatic look broken up by some warmth from the gold accents, and the gray pants become the “background” because these don’t compete with the strong blue color. ❤


2 thoughts on “Building an Outfit #9 — Peacock Blue as Inspiration

  1. I have decided that this summer you are just gonna have to come to my house for a day and help me match up a bunch of outfits from what I’ve got in my closet! Hehe!

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