Death by Rabbit

As most of you know, I loooooove doing hot yoga!! Tonight during Sunstone Yoga’s Fire class, where Rabbit is a constant, I realized my life was hanging in the balance.

And it’s a constant threat to my life! (Yes, I’m being dramatic, kinda.)

This is a lesson for all yogis, new and practiced — some poses will be impossible, not because you don’t try hard enough, not because you don’t want it enough, not because you don’t stretch enough.

BUT the pose will be impossible because of your anatomy. Yep, your anatomy — the things you can’t really change like bone structure, etc.

Mine is a bit more comical — it’s because of my mammaries!! Rabbit is the counter pose to Camel, and I can bust out Camel like nobody’s business, so I would love nothing more that to enjoy my spine stretching towards the sky to cancel out the backbend in Camel.


I take my huge exhale, tuck my chin to my chest and attempt to touch my forehead to my knees while in the process I’m about to smother myself in my cleavage!

Can you imagine the headline: Death by Rabbit, Breasts?!?!??!??!

Touching my forehead to my knees is not the problem, the problem occurs as I lift my hips in the air because the only way for my face to go is right to Cleave-land. It’s frustrating, but at the same time funny because as my instructor talks I have wonderful conversations with her in my head …

Instructor — Really push your spine towards the ceiling while staring at your stomach.

My head — Gee, I would really like to attempt to see my stomach, but all I can see is the Grand Canyon.

Instructor — Take small sips of air.

My head — I can’t breathe.

Instructor — This should feel good on your spine after that backbend.

My head — I can’t breathe.

Instructor — Make the connection between your head and your knees before lifting your hips.

My head — There’s a road block, and I can’t breathe.

Remember!! Sometimes your anatomy will not allow you to perform a yoga pose!! Feel free to search for an image of rabbit pose so you can get a great chuckle!!

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