Building an Outfit #10 — Red Skinnies as Inspiration

I LOVE red!

When fall began I was on a mission from the fashion gods to find red pants, and I fulfilled my mission and actually ended up with two pairs. One is a bit of a warmer red with bootcut legs, and the one I’m writing about today is a cooler red in a skinny cut.

A looooong time ago, I was struck by an ad where the model had on this lovely, perfect red lipstick and a gray sweater … ever since, I love red and gray together. Ahh, nostalgia.

photo-27 copy

Sweater — Victoria’s Secret Catalogue     Red Pants — Kohls     Flower Red Mix Kitten Heels — DSW

Necklace — Sam Moon     Earrings — from India

photo-27 copy

Excuse the hair as this was the day before I got it fixed!

Here’s a close-up of the earrings … someone was going to India years ago, I gave them some money and said, “Hook me up with some jewelry!”


I kept the silver tone jewelry with this outfit because of the coolness of the pants and the gray sweater.

Since I don’t wear red lips often, I go for the cheap version of red lips; it’s Rum Riche by Maybelline.

4 thoughts on “Building an Outfit #10 — Red Skinnies as Inspiration

  1. Seems like here in Nashville, brightly colored skinny jeans were all the rage last spring, so I bought a teal pair, another pair that’s red like yours and a yellow pair. I LOVE them all! And I also wonder why we refer to jeans in pairs when it’s actually just one pant? lol

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