Photo Shoot for Jills of all Trade!

Saturday I had the pleasure of working with three very talented and passionate ladies. I was able to rejuvenate my love for makeup artistry and watch others bloom and glow about their passions as well. Plus, it gave me a great reason to purge my makeup kit … I cleaned that thing out like nobody’s business!!


Aside from having fun, I learned that it is OK to love and be good at multiple things. You really can do and have it all. All of the women I worked with love and are involved multiple things, hobbies, and jobs — it gave me hope to know that I don’t ever have to pick, or settle for that matter.

photo-27 copy 3

I cannot wait to see the results of the shoot! The photographer was also generous enough to let me sneak in to update my headshot — mine are about 10 years old, so I’d say it was past time! Oh, and the building was to DIE for!! It was an office building in McKinney, Texas, and it looked like any old building from the outside … BUT the inside was so eclectic and had a truly cool vibe.

photo-27 copy 2

If you would like to check out any of these ladies and their talents, I provided some links below! If you are interested in any of their services, just leave a comment.

Thank you to:

Teresa Bybee — yogi, dancer and more

Gailyn Bybee — photographer, tamer of all of us on set, and more

Kerry McCormick — yogi, actress/stunt woman, dancer and more

Shannon Caldwell — yogi, yoga teacher trainer, business woman, and more

photo-27 copyLove,

Miggy P


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