Versatile Enchiladas

This is one of my go-to recipes, and it’s so versatile! I make it vegetarian, but you could easily make this vegan or with chicken or steak if that’s your thing!

Vegan–substitute cheeses for vegan products

Carnivors–Cook the meats till they are almost done on the inside

Vegetarian Version:


2 cans black beans

1- 8oz. package of cream cheese (I prefer low fat or fat free)

1 cn. enchilada sauce

1/4 c. salsa

shredded cheeses

8-10 whole wheat tortillas


Jalapeños opt.

garnish with whatever excites you–Avocados excite me!


Rinse black beans in a strainer. Heat cream cheese for 1 min. in microwave. Mix salsa and enchilada sauce in a bowl. Stir black beans into cream cheese. Take 1/4c of the salsa/enchilada sauce mix and stir into black bean/cream cheese mix. In a tortilla place a moderate amount of black bean/cream cheese mixture, spoon on some (about 2TB) enchilada sauce/salsa mix, sprinkle cheese, add jalapeños, add cilantro.

photo-30 copy

Roll. Repeat. Once these are all rolled spoon on some more enchilada sauce/salsa mixture on top, along with a little more cheese and jalapenos.

photo-30 copy 3

Bake in the oven at 350 for about 30 min. or till bubbling.


photo-30 copy 4

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