Jewelry Organization

So, I’m one of those freakishly, uber organized freaks. I especially have to have my closet organized and my accessories, but lately I’ve grown tired of the plastic pocket-hanging jewelry organizer.

Confession–it’s not that I’m tired of it per se, but my jewelry is weighing it down, and they are falling apart!

I love all of the fabulous ideas posted on Pinterest where the jewelry is displayed in a closet or on the bathroom counter; however, that WILL.NOT.WORK for me for several reasons:

1. sadly, I have toooooo much, and I have to be able to see all of my options (wow, that sounds so materialistic and crappy, but I promise, I’m really not like that)

2. bathrooms and closets get dusty, and I don’t want my stuff covered with dust which would add to the amount of time I would spend dusting—ahh, chooo

3. space-wise, it just won’t work; my closet, bathroom and bedroom are small

Soooooooo ….

I got to thinking …. what could I do?????

Then it hit me–pow!

I got a HUGE binder.

I got baseball card sleeves.

I started the transfer.



I now have a luxurious white binder with all of my earrings organized in color order just like I like it! I’m still using the hanging thing for necklaces and bracelets, but no more for the earrings!!

Life-changer, mind explosion.


One thought on “Jewelry Organization

  1. salut, Je m’applle Mark. Je parles francais tres un peu, mais if i could have been born speaking anything though it would be french. ou est la coballia ?sp sounds so much better than where’s the trash can:) espcially in your neck of the woods where you don’t go to far and people are speaking southern english… btw vous avez tres jolie, i can relate to being interested in a million things, i blame it on add like i am supposed to be looking for a job right now but am writing you…..anyway check out my blog if ur wish. bonjour, a dieu and all that….. and mon dieu est mucho tres joilie hope yours is too 🙂

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