Camel is a very challenging, yet invigorating yoga pose, and it is a great counter pose to rabbit, which likes to kill me! One evening, quite a while back, we were leaving trivia night at one of the illustrious places in downtown McKinney when this photo was taken. I had just finished teaching a yoga class, then went to get my nerd on! It was a lovely night, so I took off my shoes and struck a pose. I just loved the lit up fountain and couldn’t resist!

Tomorrow, I will hit 40 hot yoga classes at Sunstone, and this pic reminds me of how far I’ve come and how much I have left to go. I need to get a new camel shot to see if there’s a difference — I think there would be! Give camel a try, but enter and exit the pose carefully and remember to do a counter to it.


P.S. Thank you Lord for my sound mind and healthy body.

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