Building an Outfit #14 — Chevron as Inspiration

I’m in loooooove with the mint green that’s appearing everywhere this season, or as I like to call it “granny green” (because it reminds me of a 50s kitchen or bathroom for some reason). I scored this Chevron-printed dress from Target’s clearance rack, and since it is sleeveless, I needed a cardigan or something to go over it — I got to mixing…

Hmmm, the navy cardigan I have isn’t quite a match. 😦

I don’t have one in mint. 😦

My navy button up shirt doesn’t look cool tied at the waist. 😦

I could go sleeveless, but I’m not ready for that. 😦

🙂 I know!! I can put a random color with it, and I have a necklace with navy, mint, yellow, and ORANGE!! YESSSS!!!!!

Thank you necklace for helping me.

Thank you necklace for helping me.

Add some earrings… yea, so I felt like big jewelry today!

photo-33 copy 3And gold bracelets with the orange one at the forefront.

photo-33 copy

Aaaaaand, a navy belt to add shape with the loosey goosey cardigan, and voila!

photo-33 copy 2Navy shoes too!


Jewels–Sam Moon

Shoes–Nine West/DSW


Belt–Yikes, don’t remember!


On to the makeup! I remembered to take pics, kinda …

I used Nars Ecstacy  eye shadow (mint green) on lid. Nars Taos blush (coral peachy, orange). Black liner topped with Nars Night Flight (black with navy glitz). My go-to MAC Blankety lipstick.

Taos, Night Flight

Taos, Night Flight


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