Drinky Treat — Wedding Cake

Last week, I had a tasty, little night cap. My husband was a bartender throughout college, so he gives me most of my yummy drinky treat recipes.

I love all things Amaretto — the smell, the taste, the color. It’s pretty! If you want a sweet after dinner drink, this one’s for you.


Use a small can of pineapple juice.

photo-34 copy


Pour a shot (4oz.) of amaretto — I use a bit less sometimes.

photo-34 copy 3



Your drink will be a nice amber color.




photo-34 copy 4


Add ice and a splash of half and half.

photo-34 copy 2


Just a splash

Just a splash



photo-34 copy 6

It tastes like a piece of drinkable wedding cake!! You can also leave out the half and half, and it’s just peachy, or pineappley!










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