Challenge Update #1

Since I pretty much blabbed to the entire world about my challenge and what brought it all on, I figured I should probably keep you all posted on the progress! 🙂

Today is the 7th day of the 60 day challenge, and so far, I’m on a roll — five classes in seven days! In the midst of this, I did receive my 50 class bracelet. Yae!

2nd chakra bracelet-- 50 classes

2nd chakra bracelet– 50 classes

Although it’s been exciting, it hasn’t been without bumps, and that’s ok because that’s life, right?!

Monday 5/6 — It was my 13th wedding anniversary! I was suffering from a headache and allergies, but Eric and I managed to celebrate at the Cheesecake Factory. Needless to say, this feast was a prompt for the challenge of the next several days. I will still enjoy life, especially on special occasions, as long as I don’t find an excuse for everyday to be a special occasion (although everyday is one, it doesn’t need to be celebrated with a feast)!

Tuesday 5/7 — Started the Challenge and pinned the tracking sheet on the bulletin board at the studio.

Wednesday 5/8 — Today I was more sore than usual, but Eric and I went to Fire class where I focused my intentions on stretching everything out.

Thursday 5/9 — VERY SORE. My shoulder bone was icky. Today was a rest day.

Friday 5/10 — This is usually a rest day because it’s Friday, duh! But, I was meeting a precious young lady at the movie theatre to view The Great Gatsby. I made a deal with myself — if I go to a movie, I must go to a yoga class. So I did. I was quite proud because after a week of work, I just want to rest.

Saturday 5/11 — Day off. Ran errands and the like.

Sunday 5/12 — I really did not want to go because Moosie and I were VERY comfortable on the couch — BUT, I went. I was a bit sore again today, but I felt strong.

Comfy couch time with Moosie

Comfy couch time with Moosie

Monday 5/13 — I felt uber skinny today! Go figure. (ha, pun) On my little calorie tracker, it was time to weigh myself, blah. My least favorite thing (I didn’t replace the battery in my scale at home due to following a friend in her footsteps — chunking the scale). But I have to measure progress somehow, so I weighed at work because I’m not ready to replace the battery in the scale at home. Anywho, my skinny dreams were almost shattered as I had gained; I weighed in at 171 lbs total. The most ever. I did my best to focus on how I felt in my clothes at at class. Tough, yes. But I did my best. And that’s what I can control and do.

First week highs — my legs look like they are getting in dancer shape again. Proud of only taking two days off.

First week lessons — sore, sore, sore, but push through. Let’s see what this week holds.

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