Crafty Shadow Box Gifts

Last graduation season, I decided to make gifts instead of buying gifts, and I was crafty!! I was inspired by a little poem on Pinterest, and I thought to myself, “Hmmmm, I could do some editing and add some pretty charms and paper and place these in a shadowbox!” You know what?! It worked! You can use this to create other special items — baby shower gift, wedding gift, etc. Just change the poem around. A prayer would also be lovely. Here are some samples. Steal away!!

The pics don’t do these justice, and these aren’t in the shadow boxes! I will put the little poem below.





Life’s Essentials

 A Crown to remind you that you own your future

                                                      A Heart to keep love with you at all times

 A Cameo to remind you of your roots

A Fleur-de-Lis to help you keep your faith

                                                            A Safety Pin for life’s emergencies

                                                       A Mirror to see how wonderful you are

                                             A Pair of Wings to help you soar to new heights

                                              A Bouquet to remind you of life’s simple pleasures

 A Key to keep your soul safe

   A Cross to show that the Lord loves you and is watching over you always


**I also replace the “Heart” line with “A Chess Piece to stay ahead of your foes.” Or you can have both.

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