Ellen Hopkins

This past year, I’ve had lots of luck with authors (as you will see in future posts). This was the first of many! Maybe God is trying to tell me to finish my book and begin on some short stories?!?! I was able to meet Ellen Hopkins during an appearance where she told all about her hardships and how these inspired her to write. Most of her work is from her experiences dealing with her daughter who was an addict. 



If you’ve never read her books before, get ready! One of the things I loved about her was her honesty and “realness”, and her books do not lack in these areas. Let’s face it … life is not always cupcakes, glitter, and unicorns! Her books are also written poetically. Most of her books are geared to young adults, but she is now venturing into the adult literature world. If you visit her site, she has a plethora of information about her pieces.

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