Book Review — In Love with the Enemy

In Love with the Enemy

The debut novel for author Brigett Scott.



This budding South Louisiana writer, Brigett Scott, adds more twists than the early 60’s in her fictional novel In Love with the Enemy. The charming, strong main character Mira Nicholas is someone you will find yourself rooting for and yelling at … regardless, you ultimately want to be her.

Mira’s saga begins with the death of her brother, and juxtaposed in this tragedy is a silver lining — she is reunited with her childhood love, William. The description of William will cause heart-palpatations, as Brigett Scott vividly gives him breath — a breath you will want imagine on your own neck! Just as Mira is reunited with her perfect beau, her best guy friend, Aiden, suddenly declares his love for her. Now add the spice and intrigue of South Louisiana and the mystery surrounding her brother’s death, and you can prepare your taste buds for a ride of secrets unraveling themselves to Mira faster than she can process them. Oh, and Mira even finds herself in the Mother Land! And just when you think you have the love triangle and her brother’s mystery figured out, there’s another seed planted, and another, and another.

Scott’s characters are real and believable. She mixes beauty, braun, and brains within the story and provides “sides” for the reader to attach themselves to. One minute you want Mira to choose William and the next Aiden, but no matter which guy you are rooting for her to be with, you are always on Mira’s side. Scott’s descriptions of the scenery are fluid and dreamy, and she never takes away from the character development by getting wrapped up with bringing the surroundings to life. The dialog and character contact is meaningful and relatable, and Mira’s adventure and heart will take you back to a time when you thought you were invincible. She does throw in some South Louisiana Cajun slang which is easily defined by context and adds that extra kick to the story. I’m also not one for “love” stories. I much prefer reading a good spy novel, and Brigett Scott intelligently delivers the intensity of a spy novel with just the right amount of love.

Once you are done with this mystery, you will crave a second course to this cuisine of a story. I’ve already put my request in to Brigett Scott for that!!

When I asked Scott to tell me what inspired her to write this action-packed story line concerning such an adventurous heroine for her first novel, she replied, “My first book was written out of frustration with all the scientific writing I was doing in graduate school. Mira’s story just came to me and flowed really quickly. The writing process was a release for me. I also tied in topics that I knew about so that is was like a part of me … almost like I was writing an adventure that I could see myself on.”

Mira truly is a character whose adventure and mystery isn’t far off from real life. Her experiences could realistically happen to anyone, and at times you will find yourself wanting her experiences, especially those with William.

You can purchase Brigett Scott’s debut novel here.

A huge thank you to Brigett for taking time to talk with me about her book!! (Get this, Mira’s dog is named Mignon!!)

Here’s a little taste. I think you all will enjoy the innocent, sweet, and nostalgic description in one of my favorite passages:

I pulled the door handle to get my door open. As I was lifting one leg out of the car, William quickly turned me toward him and pressed his lips to mine. His kiss made it hard to leave his side. I could taste my salty tears as he kissed me. We bonded over our mutual loss. We had found each other again. 

Thank you, William.’ I reluctantly stepped out of the car and shut the door. He backed down the drive after making sure I was safely inside. 

The back door was unlocked. I hoped no one had waited up for me. There were no lights on anywhere in the house. I removed my shoes and tip-toed to my bedroom, in an effort not to wake my mom and dad. My hand dragged the paneled wall for guidance; I remembered all of the nights I had snuck in at three in the morning after dancing all night long. My friends and I had so much fun together. The thought brought a huge smile to my face. I missed them.”

Brigett Scott at Local Author Day in Louisiana

Brigett Scott at Local Author Day in Louisiana

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