Ellen Hopkins

This past year, I’ve had lots of luck with authors (as you will see in future posts). This was the first of many! Maybe God is trying to tell me to finish my book and begin on some short stories?!?! I was able to meet Ellen Hopkins during an appearance where she told all about … Continue reading



Camel is a very challenging, yet invigorating yoga pose, and it is a great counter pose to rabbit, which likes to kill me! One evening, quite a while back, we were leaving trivia night at one of the illustrious places in downtown McKinney when this photo was taken. I had just finished teaching a yoga … Continue reading


Yoga Siri

Tonight I was at Fire class at Sunstone Yoga, which is basically Bikram Yoga (aka Hot Yoga), and I was OFF my game. In fact, I was nowhere near the game. I couldn’t have spelled game tonight if I tried. Usually, I wouldn’t be disappointed or concerned … I would just accept where by body … Continue reading